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Q. Quality: Am I correct in saying that products made in China will be of lower quality?

A. Poor communication with Chinese middlemen or third-parties is the primary cause of shipping products that do not meet expectations. A higher quality product at a lower cost can be produced by allocating some of the labor savings to improved features. That is, it is possible to get a better product at a lower price.

Q. Cost or Pricing: Will the import price be lower & by how much?

A. Generally Chinese labor costs reduce total manufacturing cost about 20% to 30%. The savings depends upon the manufacturing process & how much assembly is involved. The savings on an aluminum-cast part or plastic injection- molded part will be less than a powder-coated or e-coated product that is completely assembled & packaged. The closer you get to a finished-product the greater the savings. It also enables you to expand your markets beyond the U.S. cost effectively.

Q. Creating Competitors: Will my intellectual property be protected?

A. If you deal with middlemen or third-parties you have no protection. Protection will last only as long as your relationship. Once things sour the American importer or Chinese exporter will seek greener fields with YOUR product – you have created a competitor.  If you deal with MFG Direct, Ltd. you have a legal document drafted under U.S. law that protects you.

Q. Freight: What are the freight costs from China?

A. The average is 7% of product value from our factory to a West Coast port.

Q. Full Containers: Do I need to buy a full container?

A. No. We are currently shipping 50 to 60 forty-foot High-Cube (40HC) containers per year & put your order on one of those containers departing weekly from the MFG Direct, Ltd. factory in Ningbo.

Q. Shipping Time: What is shipping time from Ningbo to Los Angeles?

A. 12 days from port to port.

Q. First-Articles: How long does it take to develop a first-article or sample?

A. It depends upon the complexity of the product or assembly, but 45 to 60 days is typical. Production orders are normally shipped 45 days from PO date.

Q. Payment Terms: What are your payment terms?

A. 30% deposit with the first order or a Letter-of-credit (LC). After the first order we will introduce you to several very cost-effective international-finance plans that will help you grow & expand your sales beyond U.S. borders.

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